Getting Flowery with Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort

Most of you might have the same thought as us, Spring always seems to exist in a glimpse of moment, some-when we can finally put away heavy clothes and have a breezy night walk at the grassy park nearby, sometimes we just want to get a bit flowery don’t we?

To get ready for a warmer season, let Abloomnova introduce you to the Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort, it’s a moisturiser which comes with a custard yellow cream, filled with scent of essential oil, which some of you might find it overwhelming since essential oils could cause irritation. But as our team tested it out, the lavender essence, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid have our team, who have dry skin types, loving it. We were able to tell instantly that her skin gained a dewy look. And as she stayed with this product for a month treatment (Twice a day), she has a more even skin tone, as it repairs and comforts dry skin, you can observe this by that glow, smaller pores and evenness.

Creme-Nutrition-Comfort-800x597 Getting Flowery with Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort

As we tried on this less known product, its significant yellowy cream and a beautiful scent of lavender essential oil amazed us! We believe most Guinot lovers will find it indifferent yet similar to its range of creams, this is especially recommended to anyone who are enthusiasts of essential oil and those who have dry skin, it blends with jojoba oil and other active essential oils (Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary!), also some vitamin E to tackle with environmental issues, penetrates and nourish at the same time. I guess the scent also gives an extra boost to relieve our stress for the day, which is the key to nourishment as well!

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