Like a Magic Bullet – Best Exfoliating Cream!

Guinot-Gommage-Eclat-Parfait Like a Magic Bullet - Best Exfoliating Cream!

Hello lovelies!

If you reckon on the essential step to achieve a brighter complexion, exfoliation has already been part of your skin care routine. A quality exfoliating cream is an ‘accelerator’ to everything you apply afterwards, from basic freshen up with a toner to deep moisturizing with a sleeping mask. The effectiveness of any products will serve as ‘improvement’, all depends on dead cells and impurities you have cleared out, as if the prince who clears his way to give his queen a kiss.  As it’s getting warmer and more humid lately, let’s get you to a better buddy for a beautiful you!  Abloomnova is introducing the Guinot’s Perfect Radiance Exfoliating Cream as your next to-go exfoliator!  Are you planning to get updates with us?  Denise is here again to share some of her reviews about this product:


“I always prefer something more gentle when it comes to exfoliation products, because it’s actually frustrating whenever I tried to be smart to use salt and olive oil to make my own natural exfoliator, it leaves my skin a bit red and pores a bit opened up – which I found it is better to leave this jar of exfoliator for my body, the sensitive skin on my face needs something more- gentle.”

“As Abloomnova sent me this exfoliator, I found instant comfort with its creamy texture, “Natural exfoliator is definitely for body wash (or lips)” I told myself.  So I enjoy the moment to massage it on my face with little particles run over my face, I especially focus to massage on the sides of my nose, and my face feels soft and smooth after wash, isn’t it amazing?  I’m also pleased with the smell as I’m fan of sweet almond oil, so it’s very easy for my combination/sensitive skin to adapted to it!”

Guinot-exfoliating-cream Like a Magic Bullet - Best Exfoliating Cream!
^ I guess you may tell there’s an overall even complexion 🙂
For more information, it is recommended that people who are new to exfoliators should apply it twice a week to ensure a big clean up of dead skin cells and impurities, as well as energize your skin for cellular renewal (credits to moderate amount of massage!). As you use along, pores will get de-congested by its exfoliating microparticles, remember to exfoliate with your fingertips in circular movements, to remove dead skin cell and pull in cellular renewal, keeping your skin ‘in progress’ to get hydrated and nourished.
Do you have any special tricks to deal with dull skin tone? From our experiences, we are sure there are so many more ‘night owls’ who would love to get a brighter life! You have to try this magic bullet that fortifies your skin so well, combined with better diet and loads of water, we are looking forward to witness your skin care journey, let us know!

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