Brighten Up Your Day- For Real! (Guinot Newhite Brightening Serum)

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with your face?  Whether it’s a hint of rashes ran over by the sun, or a breeze of coldness in winter, we have gone through some products that help us to get ready for different temperature of a year.  Yet, when it comes with hyper-pigmented skin, there’s a skin care product we haven’t mention- something that we have missed to recommend to you lovelies!  The Guinot Newhite Brightening Serum has been helping our beauties to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone, and we are sure that it can bring a better complexion of your skin!


For those who struggled to have a peaceful relationship with their hyper-pigmented skin, whether they were once little ms sunshine whose been brought up with loads of outdoor activities, or other skin injuries (acne as well) to become a hyper-pigmented, either way, this kind of skin has surely been brought up with a tough past.  With this beautiful package of white, this brightening serum packs as an intensive 14 days treatment, which specialises in tackling brown spots from aged skin problems to uneven skin tone from tanning. Apply it on face and neck (avoid eye areas) every morning and evening continuously, you will find the empowerment of pure Vitamin C and Melanoxyl, which will gradually reduce the size and color of dark spots!


You will find this treatment brightens up your entire face, it penetrates deeply and fights against skin pigmentation, and leads them away from excessive production of melanin, the dark spots in your cells, to a significant boost of a brighter complexion.  The Newhite series from Guinot should be added to your favourite list if you are longing for a quick and effective way to get an even complexion, and it’s highly recommended for you to check on the rest of the Newhite collection, it’s fascinating!

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Let us know since when and the element that caused your skin to hyper-pigment, should it be sun damage, inflammation or acnes, Abloomnova has already came up with a list of suggestions, so just share your story with us by comments or simply reach to us by the live chat on the site!  We are keen to offer our beautiful solutions to you!

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