Guinot pure balance cream for combination skin

Guinot-pure-balance-cream-abloomnova.net_ Guinot pure balance cream for combination skin

For combination skin, we advise Guinot pure balance cream. This is normalises your skin by bringing back skins natural balance. The cream mattifies and purifies your skin, but also helps re-balance excess sebum and reduces breakouts.

Combination skin can be really problematic mainly because treating it involves looking at both the dry skin – found mainly on the cheeks – and the greasy parts: parts of the nose, the chin and sometimes the forehead.

Check out our video on the wonders of Guinot pure balance cream here:

The effectiveness of Guinot pure balance cream is all down to a key ingredient – the Sebum-Regulating Complex which helps treat shine and dilated pores, which are the consequences of excess sebum (you might recognise the feeling of a greasy or oily chin, particularly five hours or more after your morning cleanse).

Guinot’s laboratory created and tested the Sebum-Regulating Complex, which is a complex of active ingredients selected for their intensive anti-seborrheic activity and their perfect tolerance. This is combined with purifying agents, and under many tests, this extraordinary active ingredient has demonstrated its effectiveness on all types of oily skin.

So what else can we do to neutralise combination skin? The LiveStrong blog advise us to use glycerin to moisturise combination skin naturally. Mix one part glycerin to four parts distilled water and use your fingertips to massage it into the skin. During colder months of the year, try adding a drop of oil (such as almond or lavender oil) to the moisturiser for dry areas of the skin to seal in moisture. Experiment with different types of oils. Some oils are heavier than others, and each oil has its own natural fragrance. Glycerin does not offer effective sun protection; however, there are natural products on the market that contain sunscreen. These sunblock products usually contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide instead of chemical ingredients.

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