Cream! Glorious! Cream! – Guniot Age Nutritive Creme

This is a great anti-aging product, and something that pops up on our top 10 chart. We would like to give it a shout-out – our royal Guniot Age Nutritive Creme, always amazed by its performance to put a hold on the aging process, and here’s how it does its job:


For You beauties who have fine lines and dry skin – this luxurious moisturizing cream is made especially for you, it is more nourishing with essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) than other anti-aging products, in order to deliver suppleness and radiance to your face. While the cream features in CLC (Cellular Life Complex) with 56 active ingredients, so 20 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 15 biological actives and 7 other activity necessary for cellular life (hope I didn’t miss anything!) are used to recreate skin culture mediums.  Another important ingredient ATP that naturally stimulates metabolism for cell renewal process, so you can imagine it’s helping the circulation and oxgenation.  Between the outside environment and skin cell, it is a long term battle that even Guinot suggested for us to stick with it every night for a year (it’s a 50ml ‘spaceship’ bottle so it could take a good 4 months to get another one).


As mentioned before, skin aging is a natural process to lose some of its youthfulness, and we are learning to embrace the beauty of becoming mature. This implies a sense of control – in which you can regulate its progress through diet, exercise and skin care, so from ‘hide-and-seek’ from the sun to quiting smoking, as well as using skin care products can make you take back the authorization of aging from extrinsic factors!


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Remember, our mission is to offer all the best skincare to make you bloom x

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