How do you know whether you have dry skin?

Guinot-Nutrizone-Corps-Nourishing-Body-Cream-abloomnova.net_ How do you know whether you have dry skin?

If your skin feels dehydrated shortly after cleansing, making you reach for the moisturizer, your skin is likely dry. Your pores tend to be small, your skin may be sensitive and you may notice flaky skin if you examine your face in a magnifying mirror.

According to Live About, you can do a patch test by taking a piece of toilet paper and pressing it on newly cleansed skin for a few seconds. If the toilet paper comes away clean, you are lacking some necessary oils that protect skin from dehydration.

Keep in mind that most people’s skin changes over the course of a year. You may find you have dry skin in winter and normal skin the rest of the year. This is totally normal.

Causes of Dry Skin

Does skin go through “a change” as we age? Some women find their skin, which was “oily” in their 20s, turned “combination” in their 30s and “dry” in their 40s. This is normal.

As your skin becomes drier, be sure to change to moisturizing cleansers and throw out the super-drying toners. Use a night moisturizer before bed (these are usually thicker) and a daytime moisturizer with SPF under your makeup. You can treat different parts of your face. If you find your nose gets oily, but your forehead is always dry, moisturize everywhere but on your nose.

Dry skin is a condition caused by a lack of moisture in the top layers of skin. Dry skin can be caused by external factors such as furnace heat, saunas, sun damage, steam rooms and the over-cleansing of skin. It can also be caused by internal factors such as a change in hormones, or oil glands not properly working.

So if you’re going through a dry patch, even if it’s lasting all year, we recommend Guinot Nutrizone Corps – Nourishing Body Cream which is a cream that protects against dry skin and nourishes all types of skin, even the driest.

  • Provides the skin with suppleness and comfort.
  • Leaves skin silky and velvety.

Apply one to two times a day, allowing the gel cream to be absorbed through gentle massage, focusing on dryer areas.

This cream contains lots of omegas and vitamins. Nutrizone Corps combines grape seed and babassu palm seed Oils with Mango and Shea butter. It provides essential fatty acids to the skin and restores comfort. Skin is now supple and soft.


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