How to get a perkier chest in your 40s

Guinot-Double-Ionisation-Cou-Buste-Decollete-–-Neck-Bust-Decollete-Firming-Gel-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How to get a perkier chest in your 40s

By our late thirties, our chests begin to surrender to the rigours of time. As collagen and elastin levels decrease year on year, our decolletage begins to crinkle, our breasts begin to droop and our form loses its youthful shape.

However, if you exercise and tone up, you could easily stop your chest from ageing. Follow these brilliant tips from for a younger looking chest.

1. Bench Press

Lie on your back on a bench, step, BOSU ball, or exercise ball with knees bent. With your knuckles facing up, push the dumbbells away, then bend your elbows to bring your arms down to your sides, allowing your elbows to dip slightly below your bench or ball. Instead of thinking about lifting the weight, really focus on pushing, which will put more emphasis on your chest muscles than your arms.

2. Chest Fly

Starting in the same position, bring your arms out to the side with a slight bend in the elbows, palms facing up. Squeeze the chest muscles together to lift the weights, bringing your arms toward each other to tap the weights together in front of you. “This will give you great cleavage,” Kalnes says. (Add this super effective triceps move to tone up and burn fat.)

3. Straight Arm Pullover

While on your back, lower one dumbbell and grasp the other with both hands in front of you. With elbows locked, slowly lower your hands behind your head until your ears are between your biceps, then lift back up with the chest muscles. This is a challenging move, so use a lighter weight if this feels too difficult, says Kalnes.

4. Incline Push-ups

Elevating your hands makes this riff on the classic push-up a little bit easier. Place your hands on a bench or step slightly further than shoulder-width apart to target the chest muscles instead of the triceps. Your legs should be straight behind you in plank position. Keep your core tight and lower your body down, then push back up.

Of course, all this exercise should coincide with a moisturising and firming skin care product, specifically designed for the chest area, like Guinot Double Ionisation Cou Buste Decollete – Neck Bust Decollete Firming Gel.

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