How to soothe sun damaged skin

Guinot-Double-Ionisation-Serum-Gel-Eclaircissant-Lightening-Face-Gel-abloomnova.net_ How to soothe sun damaged skin

After being exposed to sun, the skin feels dry and tight. It is important to repair sun damages, combat free radicals with antioxidants, reduce inflammation and burning sensation as well as recondition and hydrate the epidermis in order to avoid desquamation (peeling) and keep your glowing tan longer.

According to Biologique Recherché, sun damage is all to common. We have all been there: we stayed out in the sun a bit too long and now our tanning session resulted in skin reddening (erythema). Not to worry because a lot can be done nutritionally to reduce symptoms of skin inflammation. The most important aspect of nutrition whenever there is a structural damage to the skin is to include the highest quality protein foods that are easily digested for quicker assimilation. We all need protein as it is a building block to all cells within our body and without it in adequate quality and amounts our skin starts to age much quicker. The best easily absorbed source of protein comes in form of whey. Whey protein is very popular not only among gym bunnies but is also extensively used in reparative and reconstructive clinical functions like post-surgical rehabilitation. The best sources of whey if you do not fancy powdered stuff comes in yoghurt or cottage cheese: incorporating them is extremely easy as they can take on any flavour you wish to give them.

If you’re looking to regain fair skin and a porcelain complexion, we’d recommend Guinot Double Ionisation Serum Gel Eclaircissant – Lightening Face Gel. This will “normalise” skin after exposure to strong sunlight which has caused marks to appear, erase signs of ageing and also will lighten the skin by combating the effects of pigmentation.

The lightening program unifies the complexion, lightens and minimises pigmentation marks from the first treatment. Between two Hydradermie treatments, use products from the Newhite range, which protect your skin against pigmentation. Its also recommend that you do not expose your skin to sunlight after treatment.

Active component:

  • Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant, which lightens the complexion and pigmentation.
  • Melanoxyl, to minimise pigmentation marks and the effects of pigmentation.

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