How to spot a good sensitive skin moisturiser

sensitive-skin-moisturiser-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to spot a good sensitive skin moisturiser

Need a sensitive skin moisturiser but don’t know exactly what will provide the gentlest, and best, effects?

Here’s a short run down on the main things to AVOID. These are ingredients that may be fine for normal skin – but play havoc with any sensitivity.


Alcohol is pretty common in skincare, and you’ll find it in toners and creams as it allows the skin to absorb the product double quick. However, it’s very drying and can cause itchiness and irritation to sensitive skin.

Synthetic fragrance

We can’t help but be seduced by a smell (the number of products we’ve stupidly bought just because they smell amazing). However, if you’re of a skin-sensitive disposition, avoid synthetic fragrance. You can get products fragranced with natural essential oils, which are wonderful. But try a little sample first. Even essential oils can be too strong for some people.

Still, there are a huge number of fragrance-free products available, so you have plenty to choose from.


Sulphates pop up in our old friends SLS and ammonium lauryl sulphate. These are particularly irritating to sensitive skin, and more and more brands are producing sulphate-free products. It’s a mindshift to not want the foaming lather associated with washing etc but you’ll end up with better skin, so that’s better.


There is new doubt being cast over sunscreens. When it comes to sensitive skin, you certainly do not want any of the chemicals (usually really long, chemically names like avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone) in your moisturiser. Stay in the shade, stick a hat on or use Maria Galland Protective Care for the Face.

When it comes to getting a great sensitive skin moisturiser, we recommend:

Guinot Creme Pur Confort – Comfort Face Cream – which contains Dermaline which limits the reactions that cause hypersensitive skin. Phospholipids to help reinforce cell adhesion by rebuilding the intercellular cement substance and Vitamin E and Alpha Bisabolol to soothe discomfort and redness.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Azulen Cream Light – Lightweight, gel-cream emulsion soothes and hydrates with the active components of chamomile plus hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Spiller Sensicura Intensive Cream – A cell-protective and rich 24-hour moisturizer applied to noticeably reduce redness, itchiness and irritations.

Gatineau Serenite Creme Multi-Protectrice – Multi-Protective Cream – his pure, soft and creamy-textured cream with its formula containing Serenite Active Technology brings calm and protection, day and night, to sensitive skins in need of comfort. The Serenite Active Technology has two-dimensional action: Micropatches, releasing protective and soothing ingredients on the skin’s surface and Microspheres, working to diminish the appearance of skin reaction “deep down” from the very moment it starts developing.


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