Is your bust giving your age away?

Guinot-Longue-Vie-Buste-Firming-Vital-Bust-Care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1445 Is your bust giving your age away?

The area is particularly prone to photo ageing so advancing years and too much sun combined with the natural thinning of the fat under the skin can result in all sorts of problems from crepey or leathery skin to cleavage wrinkles and age spots, according to the Express.

The earlier you start looking after the skin on your chest the better but for those who haven’t, a combination of treatments and a good home care routine can produce spectacular results.

The décolletage is one of the most neglected areas of the body. We spend years pampering our complexions only to let our chests give us away.

The skin on the décolletage doesn’t produce as much natural oil as the skin on your face so start caring for your neck and chest area as you would your complexion.

For example, when applying cleanser and moisturiser make  sure you apply them right down to your chest. Cosmetics counters are filled with products which promise to perk up or boost the bust area but most contain ingredients that do nothing more than temporarily improve the quality and the appearance of the skin by moisturising it.

This will improve the appearance of the skin because it will become more hydrated.

Guinot Longue Vie Buste – Firming Vital Bust Care is a serum cream helps to regenerate your skin with its 56 cellular active ingredients which recreate youth and elasticity. You will notice the skin on your bust and neckline becomes smoother. Longue vie Buste will also help to firm the supporting tissue on your chest. Your bust looks re-shaped and your skin becomes more radiant and nourished.

The cream serum is easy to apply – using a circular motion gently massage into skin, morning and evening, starting below the breasts and moving up to the neckline.

Active Ingredients include The Cellular Life Complex: Made up of 56 biological active ingredients vital to the existence of cells. The Cellular Life Complex was developed in a hospital burns unit to reconstruct skin. It gets incomparable results in regards to cell regeneration, for visibly younger and firmer skin.


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