The benefits of citrus oils on the skin

Guinot-Exfoliessence-Gel-Exfoliating-Gel-with-Essential-Oils-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 The benefits of citrus oils on the skin

One thing that we use to wake us up in the morning – besides a double espresso – is citrus essential oil.

The extracts of grapefruit, lemons and oranges are one of our favourite fragrances. These essential oils are extracted (cold-pressed) from the rind or skin of the fruit and probably some of the easiest to get hold of.

Put them in an oil burner, rub them into your temples, breathe them in through a vapour or use a product like Guinot Exfoliessence Gel – Exfoliating Gel with Essential Oils which is an invigorating oil that energises the skin and awakens the senses thanks to its essential oil cocktail of lemon, orange and grapefruit. It drains and eliminates toxins and leaves your skin is hydrated and serene.

Thanks to Wellbeing Australia, we look at the benefits of each of these wonderful oils.

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi )

Blend classification: Modifier and enhancer

Odour: Type: Top note (5-20% of the blend); Scent: Clean, fresh, bitter, citrusy

Grapefruit oil has anti-depressant, diuretic, stimulant and cleansing properties (kidneys, lymphatic and vascular systems). It is uplifting and can help relieve anxiety.

Grapefruit oil is a great complement to any weight reduction plan. Here is something you may want to try for weight loss. Place 7 drops of grapefruit oil in a glass bottle with 7-8 cups of water and shake. Then drink before your meals.

Lemon (Citrus limon)

Blend classification: Modifier and enhancer

Odour: Type: Top note (5-20% of the blend); Scent: sweet, sharp, clear, citrusy

Lemon oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and immune stimulating properties. Research by Jean Valnet, MD, revealed that vaporised lemon oil can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in 1 hour, Staphylococcus Aureus in 2 hours and Pneumoccus bacteria in 3 hours. [3]  Lemon oil is purifying, invigorating and uplifting. Research has shown it to have antidepressant qualities.[4]

This is an excellent oil for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces, or even to clean your hands after you’ve been to the bathroom. You can make up a spray bottle filled with water and just add between 20-30 drops of lemon essential oil. Something we do if someone in my family has a sore throat is to add a couple of drops of lemon oil with a couple of drops of peppermint oil on a spoon, and down the hatch. Or, if you would rather not swallow, try gargling with 3 drops of lemon oil in a glass of water.

Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Blend classification: Enhancer and personifier

Odour: Type: Top note (5-20% of the blend); Scent: Fresh, citrusy, fruity, sweet.

This is a great oil to diffuse in a room where children play as the fragrance promotes joy and happiness. Kids love the orange smell. But hey, don’t stop there, it’s good for the “big kids” as well. It can relax you and lift your spirits.

Orange oil has anti-tumoral and anti-coagulant properties. In addition it has been shown to help stimulate the circulatory system. If you suffer indigestion, this is a good oil to have around.

It’s been used to assist people with fluid retention and dull and oily complexions, and to purify water. It’s high in limonene, which as I mentioned earlier has been shown in a number of studies to prevent cancer.


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