The perfect hair removal wax for your salon

Guinot-StickHair-Green-High-Performance-Hair-Removal-Wax-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 The perfect hair removal wax for your salon

Guinot Stick’Hair Green High Performance Hair Removal Wax is the ideal product for a professional spa.

Designed for the removal of intimate areas, this hair removal wax is a gentle alternative to other products on the market, and designed to be used on sensitive or complaint skin.

When unwanted hair is in a delicate area, such as the underarms, pubic area or around the nipple, special care must be taken when removing hair. Some methods, such as depilatories designed for the less fragile skin of the legs, will not be appropriate for more delicate areas, and can cause skin rashes of irritation. If having a professional remove the unwanted hair isn’t an option, make sure to read the label on any hair removal product used to ensure the product is safe for the area you want to use it on.

For perfect and comfortable hair removal in spas and beauty salons for men as well as women.

The Stick’Hair® hair removal method is recommended for difficult hair and sensitive areas.

All hair is removed, right down to the roots.

Two weeks after a Stick’Hair® hair removal session, hair regrowth has clearly slowed.

After three weeks, no ingrown hairs have appeared, unlike standard methods.

Guinot Stick’Hair Green High Performance Hair Removal Wax contains active components:

Warm rosin-free resin, with nylon fibres. Rosin can cause skin reactions and allergic respiratory conditions.

How to use Guinot Stick’Hair Green High Performance Hair Removal Wax, follow these simple stages before applying the wax. Care must be taken for the skin before and after the wax, so inform your client on a couple of steps that need to be taken pre and post-wax. To make hair removal easier, exfoliate before. After each hair removal session, the beauty therapist carefully applies Sérum Epil Confort. At home, apply Epil Confort range to slow hair regrowth.

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