Why do I look so tired?

Guinot-Double-Ionisation-Serum-Gel-Anti-Rides-Yeux-Anti-Wrinkle-Eye-Gel-abloomnova.net_-1600x1382 Why do I look so tired?

There are many reasons why your skin, and in particular the area around your eyes have seen better days. Diet, ageing, poor maintenance, pollution, lack of sleep and a whole host of other reasons are factors behind skin that looks old and lifeless. Here, thanks to Glamour, are some of the main problems we face…

Puffy eyes:

The female body retains water (high sodium intake can make it worse; so can being premenstrual). And when you’re sleep-deprived or stressed, tissues swell and fluids pool around your eyes even more.

Dark circles:

Circles are actually broken capillaries and blood vessels showing through thin undereye skin. Being tired makes it more obvious; so does suffering from a cold or having a history of sun damage.

Dull skin:

Your skin cells repair at night, so when you miss out on sleep, you cut short that process and can wake up looking a little paler and more sallow first thing. The 3-minute fix: Do 10 jumping jacks (we’re serious; it gets blood flowing). Then exfoliate with a spinning brush and load on a heavy-duty moisturizer.

One of our go-to products, when we’re looking in need of a pick-me-up, is Guinot Double Ionisation Serum Gel Anti-Rides Yeux – Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel is part of the Hydradermie treatment. Women of all ages are concerned about their skin’s beauty and youthful appearance. This is a real alternative to aesthetic medicine, Hydradermie Youth stimulates cellular energy, for a youthful looking skin.

Wrinkles on the eye contour have visibly faded. Your face shines with new radiance and the tired look on your face has been relaxed.

Active component:

  • Contains cell living environments: (includes vitamins, amino acids and trace elements), which regenerate the skin.
  • Biopeptides: Help reinforce elastic tissue and trace elements, to revive vital functions.

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