How a scalp treatment can improve the health of hair

scalp-treatment-abloomnova.net_-1600x1063 How a scalp treatment can improve the health of hair

A scalp treatment is important for the health of the hair follicles and growth of hair. Scalps can become oily, or dry or experience all kinds of skin complaints. We supply many scalp treatments on Abloomnova, but here’s a few domestic ingredients, thanks to Rapid Home Remedies that you might be able to try at home.

  1. Tea Tree Oil – The Best Home Remedy for Itchy Scalp

For centuries, tea tree oil has been used for dandruff, dry hair and itchy scalp and not in vain! The the component terpinen-4-ol gives tea tree oil its strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills the fungus and bacteria that cause over production of skin cells leading to dandruff. It also clears clogged hair follicles to relieve you of an itchy scalp.

  1. Aloe Vera Soothes Itchy Scalp

Aloe vera gel has antipruritic property which means it can relieve itching. Aloe gel has glycoproteins in it. Among its varied functions, these glycoproteins also moisturize well as they are a great lubricant and protective agent. Not only this, aloe vera gel also has antibacterial and antifungal properties to treat your scalp against fungi and yeast. When you apply aloe vera gel to your scalp, it is deeply absorbed by the scalp as it also contains lignin. As if all these were not enough, the enzymes in aloe vera gel also exfoliate the dead skin cells and the amino acids in it facilitate growth of healthy tissue. It thus gives you a clean scalp with strong and shiny hair.

  1. Sesame Oil Remedy to Treat Itchy Scalp

Sesame oil may help you fight off scalp dryness to relieve itchiness. It has soothing and tranquilizing properties. Sometimes when heat, like sunburn, damages your hair follicles, sesame oil can come to your rescue and work as a coolant functioning from within. It locks the moisture within and thus prevents dryness. If your itchiness is due to lice, then also sesame oil can help you through its anti-bacterial properties. You may add it to other essential oils to treat head lice and get rid of itchiness.

  1. Coconut Oil is a Good Remedy for Itchy Scalp

Dry itchy scalp is greatly benefited by coconut oil as it moisturizes skin very well and may also help reduce redness and irritation. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil combats folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles as well as other fungal infections like ringworm of the scalp. These are major causes of itchiness as discussed earlier too. Coconut oil not only soothes your itchy scalp caused by dandruff but may also soothe cradle cap in babies. It is a safe oil to use for babies too. You can in fact use coconut oil not only to treat itchy scalp but to prevent it altogether. When you wash your hair daily, the sebum is lost leading to dry, frizzy hair. When you use coconut oil, it acts as a protective barrier to keep your hair soft and silky and free of itchiness too!

  1. Lemon Juice Treats Itchy Scalp Well

The low pH of lemon juice makes it an excellent antibacterial agent and that’s why if your itchy scalp is the result of some microbes, it can help you. Lemon juice can thus treat your itchy, dry scalp. However, do not use it if your skin is broken as this may cause stinging.



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