After Hair Removal Skincare – Post Epilation

We all know pain of epilation, back from the time when we are in high school, I still clearly remember when it comes to the kind of weather when girls can wear skirts and dresses without leggings, we mumbled a bit on the paleness of our legs, as well as consciously checking the roughness of our legs due to epilation and dryness.

It’s an interesting touch of skin, as some of you might find, but it is certainly not as comfortable as  when I spot cracks and skin peels off whenever any touches occur.  But coming to the time when Abloomnova was planning to set up, that’s when we moved forward to be conscious of our skin, and here’s our observations to keep our body happy and smooth after epilation.

First things first, make sure you throw away any used wax sticks and dull blades, they will cause terrible irritation and redness even after using them once. They are pretty cheap and will get dirty (molds) and rust in a short period of time, why would people make these run over their bodies for several times until they cause pain?


Secondly, do not shave when your body is ‘swollen up’: that’s in the morning and after hot bath (we’ve suggested everyone not to take hot bath, but to this extent, it means warm water that will cause your pores to open up). As this will only cause thicker hairs and damage of skin. Best time for shaving is during a shower as the hairs are softer.

After Epilation:

Finally, remember to cleanse thoroughly after epilation, as sticks and blades will leave excess cream or wax on your skin which will clog up pores and cause red spots and in-grown hairs. On top of this, you will need a gentle exfoliator or to wash with a warm cloth, and some oil (any types of oil from coconut to lavender, whatever makes you happy) or fragrance free moisturizer on waxed areas to calm any redness and a weekly visit of roughness! But its also worth investing in some pre-epilation and post epilation care products, as these help keep skin soft, slow hair regrowth and lightens hair, and some also help reduce the diameter of the hair itself.


Happy epilation!  Leave us comments and messages if you still have any cracks caused by your skin problem, we are all here to help xx



Abloomnova x

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