How to Care for Combination skin

Keep a balanced care for combination skin as it has a mix of different skin condition, like a dress made of beautiful patches, you will need more attention to ‘sew’ these ‘patches’ as one. From oily to dry, irritated patches, you might need to double your skin care products, and set your standard higher towards the skin care products you use. But no worries that it might takes up more of your sourcing time… Abloomnova has stocked up our lovely hand picked skin care products to save you time finding them, have you checked them out yet?

The key to treat combination skin is to use separate skin care products for different parts of your face. As each of them will be specialized in soothing its designated area.

For instance, choose an oil-based eye make up remover for your eyes only so the skin on your eyes is not going through rubbing and sweeping by a makeup remover that targets your whole face in general.

We also recommend for people who have combination skin to use a foaming facial wash in the morning to clear away all the dirt from while you sleep and to use a cream cleanser in the evening for a gentler treatment for the dryer areas of your skin.

 Use two different strengths of toner on drier and oiler parts of your skin.

And it is essential to put on moisturiser (in different texture and formulation) on the entire face morning and evening. Concentrate on the drier areas and for the oily areas after a few minutes use a clean tissue to absorb any excess cream.

Lastly, use masks once to twice a week. And this is Fun to play around with beauty of different patches of your skin, use a clay mask on your T-zone and moisturizing mask on your cheeks!  Why not? Just be sure you won’t scare your family off!

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