5 tips for gorgeous hair

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Everyone wants smooth, silky hair – it’s the holy grail of hair types. However, Mother Nature being Mother Nature, what screams health and vitality is often very hard to achieve.

Over colouring, damage and dryness all contribute to your hair not having the smoothness and gloss you desire. To get things back in order here are some tips courtesy of Seventeen.

  1. Suck Up Excess Water

The drier your hair, the more nutrients it absorbs. After you shampoo, wrap hair in a towel for two minutes to dry it a bit before you add conditioner.

  1. Only Treat Ends

Don’t condition roots- that hair is new and healthy! Apply a palmful of treatment from midshaft down and distribute with a wide-tooth comb to make sure every strand is coated,

  1. Trap Heat

Dampen the inside of a terry-lined shower cap, and wear it for 10 minutes while the conditioner is in your hair. The cap will trap in steam that opens up hair follicles, so your hair will really soak in the good stuff in the treatment.

  1. Don’t Rinse Too Well

Fight the instict to get squeaky clean! Rinse with cold water until your hair is slightly slippery. The conditioner that’s left on your strands will keep working throughout the day.

  1. Use a restructuring product

La Biosthetique Structure Conditionneur Douceur – Care Milk for Silky Soft Hair is an instant care to protect the hair structure of all damaged and stressed hair with long-lasting results.

The deep action formula makes hair instantly silk, soft and very shiny.

After shampooing, evenly distribute into slightly damp hair. After 1-2 minutes, lather up and rinse.


  • Natural ceramide and concentrated avocado oil extract fill the porous gaps of the external cuticle, balancing out unevenness and resealing the cuticle.
  • Mango seed oil makes the hair very supple and gives it extreme shine, it becomes velvety soft and is easy to comb.
  • Panthenol has a multiple effect which improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and maintains bounce and suppleness.

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