Hairspray – the stylist’s favourite product

Davines-Authentic-Formulas-Authentic-Moisturising-Balm-for-Hair-Face-and-Body-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Hairspray – the stylist’s favourite product

Hairsprays come in different strengths to cater to all types of hairstyles, according to the Hairstyler. As a general rule, low hold spray is for looks that require nothing more than hold, such as straight hairstyles. Medium hold can cater for more structured styles, such as a half up, half down hairstyle or some loose carefree waves. And strong hold is for the more elaborate looks such as updos and anything that requires all-day hold such as a wedding hairstyle or a formal hairstyle.

As well as different strengths, hairsprays also have different features depending on the brand. For example, some hairspray products feature a flexible hold which will allow you to style your hair one way, then give you locks a brush and re-style another way. It’s perfect for day to night looks or for an after work get together which requires a new ‘do.

  1. One of the most common uses for hairspray is to add volume to your hair and there are plenty of volumizing hairsprays on sale that cater for this use. Add them to your roots and under layers to give your locks a volume hit.
  2. Hairspray can be used to revive a day old blow-dry by flipping your hair forward, giving it a good spritz with the hairspray, and then flipping your hair back and using your fingers to smooth your style back into place.
  3. For a natural looking hairstyle that will hold in place all day, spray hairspray into your hair brush and then brush it through your hair. Style your hair into place and then add another fine coat of hairspray over your locks directly from the can to set your style.
  4. It can be used to set your curls. Once your hair rollers are in place, or you’ve wrapped section of hair around your curling iron, spritz your locks with hairspray to help create and keep your curly shape.

For a really good hairspray, try La Biosthetique Spray Artistique. This is a non- aerosol hairspray perfect for salon use. It gives hair intensive hold, added protection and shine. Spray Artistique dries quickly and can be brushed out easily with no residue left.

Spray evenly onto dry or slightly damp hair. This spray is ideal for artistic creations, fantasy looks, piled up hairstyles, competition styling etc.



  • Anionic polymers.
  • Lauryl pyrrolidone.
  • Super fast evaporating alcohol.

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