How to combat hair loss

Davines-Naturaltech-Detoxifying-Scrub-Shampoo-1-abloomnova.net_-1600x900 How to combat hair loss

Hair loss can happen to men and women at any stage of their lives. Men in the late twenties, early thirties can commonly start to see a recession in their hairline, and women who are pregnant, have just given birth or on birth control can also see loss or thinning of hair.

So what can be done about it?

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus – Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment 10x10ml is an ampoule treatment which is scientifically proven to actively combat hair loss and slower hair growth, increase the metabolism and slow down hair aging.

The hair loses volume and becomes thinner, there is an increase in hair loss and the hair refuses to grow. Thanks to Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Plus, there is no need to worry. The innovative active ingredient combination results in an improved cell anchorage of the hair follicles (+146%). In addition, the energy of the hair follicles, the protection and repair mechanisms are activated, increased by up to 189%, which results in a significantly slower aging of the hair follicles (anti-aging effect).The free radicals occurring in the hair follicles, which can trigger premature cell death, are effectively combated with Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium. This results in a 121% increase in hair growth. La Biosthétique’s own Complexe Régénérant in Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium provides lasting improvement, as proven by the ratio of actively regrowing hairs to lost hairs.

Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Plus reduces temporary, patchy and androgenic hair loss and creates significantly and visibly more body and thickness, as well as a longer hair growth phase – scientifically documented and proven.

Before the application of Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Plus, wash hair and scalp with Shampooing Bio-Fanelan. Ideally, apply the contents of an ampoule of Bio-Fanelan Régénérant along the parting of the scalp every second day lightly massage in with the fingertips or leave in for 10 minutesand before blow-drying.

To support and activate hair growth perform a course of treatment once to twice a year with Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Plus.

Contains the key ingredient Complexe Régénérant: improves hair growth impulses, creates more body and thickness and a longer hair growth phase.

A biotin-linked peptide: stimulates the metabolism.

A citrus fruit flavonoid: improves the microcirculation and combats patchy hair loss.

Olive leaf extract: additionally supports the inhibition of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.

Proteins, vitamins, peptides and trace elements: boost the nourishment of the hair roots.

Biostimulators: improve the biosynthesis of the hair-forming cells.

Vitamin B: strengthens, optimises hair thickness, hair growth and hair quality.

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