How to wash curly hair

La-Biosthetique-Care-Shampoo-Curl-Gentle-Cleansing-for-Curly-Hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How to wash curly hair

Curly hair has its fair share of problems – when it comes to washing, you need to handle your locks with care. Of course, all this pays off when you have a gorgeous mane of curls, so here’s some tips on how to look after your hair if you’re a curly girl – with big thanks to


Shampooing can be the last thing on your mind, since you only need to wash your hair no more than once a week, or once every 2-3 weeks if your hair does not feel dirty. Daily washing is a bad idea as this would be too drying for your hair.

To refresh in between washes, try co-washing your hair with water and conditioner, or water wash. Water washing means that you massage your scalp using just water, no shampoo, cleanser or conditioner. Some people do this in between their co-washes and shampoos.


You can afford to shampoo once a week. If you skip a day or two, no need to worry because your curls will look great with a little refreshing. Curls can work well when they have a small amount of oil in them. If you work out frequently, you may need to co-wash in between shampoos. You can also water wash between co-washes.


You have a fine hair texture; by the evening your hair may seem oily, especially when you use styling products daily. Depending on your scalp, you may find that co-washing makes your hair appear oily the first few times you do it. Experiment with co-washing over time, you may find that the oiliness subsides. If you find that it’s not for you, try to prolong the length of time between shampoos by using dry shampoos or sticking to light stylers and refreshing with water rather than a product. At the very least, cut down on daily shampoos and minimise your wash days to once every 2-3 days.

La Biosthetique Care Shampoo Curl – Gentle Cleansing for Curly Hair is a Shampoo for curly hair prevents annoying frizziness, provides gentle and careful cleansing and is highly moisturising.

Curly hair can dance and is full of movement. Sexy, quirky and vivacious. And sometimes totally untamed when expressive curls are replaced by uncontrolled frizz.

Curl Shampoo respects and supports the special curl structure of the hair, giving it precisely what it needs. NMFs provide silkiness, shine and elasticity. The gentle care shampoo for curly hair contains an innovative bounce back polymer for elastic bounce, convenient stylability and longer durability of your lively curly mane.

How to use:

Evenly distribute Curl Shampoo into your moistened hair, lightly knead in and then rinse out.

Main ingredients:

Bounce Back Polymer: moisturising and moisture-binding, increases bounce.

Sea salt: supplies mineral substances.

The Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF): provides deep protection from dehydration.

The amino acid serine: protects hair from dehydration.

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