Looking for the perfect slimming cream?

Thalgo-Plasmalg-Gel-–-Gel-Plasmalg-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Looking for the perfect slimming cream?

La Biosthetique Forme-Actif Traitement Silhouette is a cell-active anti-cellulite gel tightens and lifts the body. Traitement Silhouette supplies the body skin with valuable, highly effective active ingredients.

The benefits are tight legs, firm buttocks, toned arms – simply wonderful. So it’s high time to declare war on unattractive cellulite with our amazing cream. Not a dream but reality: The tightening anti-cellulite gel Traitement Silhouette effectively and lastingly reduces annoying dents. The intensive, tightening anti-cellulite care detoxifies the body and shapes the body silhouette thanks to a highly dosed caffeine active ingredient cocktail of coffee, tea, guarana and kola nut. Traitement Silhouette firms and refines the body silhouette, supports the decomposition of fat cells and protects against new fat deposits. Firming and shaping of the tissue and the body contours. The cell-active, remodelling active ingredients of Dermosthétique Forme-Actif target problem areas.

How to use:

After cleansing the body, specifically apply Traitement Silhouette to affected body parts, such as stomach, legs, buttocks, upper arms, and massage in circling motions until everything has been absorbed.

Key ingredients:

  • Natural caffeine: activates the splitting of fats in the fat cells and reduces their volume. The skin surface becomes smoother and more even again.
  • Indian Forskolin: boosts the detoxification and flushing out of metabolites. It activates the blood and microcirculation and dilates the blood and lymph vessels to support the lymph flow. Free fatty acids from the fatty tissue are flushed out faster.
  • Essential Cell Boost Factor: firms the cell cluster of the tissue and regenerates the body cells. The epidermis becomes firmer and the skin has much better protection against mechanical stress and becomes more resistant.

Cell-active energy and moisturising active ingredient of ATP, algin and papaya extract: stimulates the skin’s cellular metabolism and regulates the water balance, supplies the cells with energy and vitality, stores water, protects against water loss and stimulates the skin’s renewal cycle.

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