Suffering from an excessively sweaty scalp?

La-Biosthetique-Hydrotoxa-Shampoo-Shampoo-for-Scalp-Perspiration-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Suffering from an excessively sweaty scalp?

Suffering from excessive sweating on your scalp?

Here’s some tips from LiveStrong on how to help the situation:

Wash your head, scalp and face well every day to reduce oil and dirt buildup. Use a nonsoap cleanser for your face.

Apply a small amount of talcum powder to your scalp after showering. Rub the powder in well.

Rub an unscented antiperspirant on your scalp and forehead. Antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate are quite effective at reducing sweat. Apply the antiperspirant at night so it has time to soak into your skin. If regular antiperspirant doesn’t work, try a 2 percent diphemanil dusting powder.

Avoid wearing hats or any other accessories or headgear that blocks airflow to your scalp. If you allow your scalp to “breathe,” you may sweat less.

Use a shampoo designed for your situation. La Biosthetique Hydrotoxa Shampoo – Shampoo for Scalp Perspiration is a shampoo Hydrotoxa is a deodorising active shampoo for straggly hair. It particularly gently cleanses and calms moist scalps, reduces perspiration and maintains the hair’s natural volume.

La Biosthetique has recognised this widespread phenomenon and developed the deodorising Shampooing Hydrotoxa for straggly limp hair. The secret of this active shampoo lies in an effective active ingredient complex that mildly cleanses straggly hair and also reduces the undesirable perspiration from the scalp’s pores. This delays the hair turning straggly again and the volume is maintained for longer. The scalp environment is normalised and the hair feels loose, free and wonderfully fresh. Shampooing Hydrotoxa gives the scalp clarity and freshness and the hair is given wonderful, natural volume.

Moisten hair with water and apply approx. 5ml Shampooing Hydrotoxa along the parting and use to wash the scalp and the hair roots. Subsequently, distribute the foam into the hair lengths and cleanse the hair right down to the tips. If needed, you can repeat this.

Tip: For stressed hair additionally use a conditioner. To lastingly maintain the deodorising effect, the hair-conditioning ingredients in Shampooing Hydrotoxa are reduced.

Main ingredients:

  • Aluminum formate reduces sweating from the scalp pores.
  • Lauryl ether sulphate gently cleanses the hair.
  • Lauryl pyrrolidone makes the hair stay fresh for longer.

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