Why are Brits so tired?

Gatineau-Renew-7-Detox-Purifying-Serum-Renewed-Skin-Appearance-abloomnova.net_ Why are Brits so tired?

A study carried out last year of 13 countries has shown that those living in the United Kingdom are the most exhausted, with more than a third of Brits (37%) feeling that they do not get enough sleep.

According to Time, Americans are the fourth worst sleepers on the list, following Ireland and Canada, with 31% feeling under-slept. France, Turkey, Indonesia, China and Spain are among the countries that are better slept, suggesting that insomnia is more common in the English-speaking nations.

The survey also revealed that only half (51%) of parents say they make sure their children sleep enough and that 44% of British adults feel too tired to exercise. Women are more affected by this than men, with 52% of females feeling they are too tired to exercise, compared to 35% of males.

But why are Brits in particular so under-slept compared to other nations?

One reason why the U.K. has such a problem with sleep is because of the 24-hour society more than any country in Europe.

We have overnight television, supermarkets like Tesco are open all night and 10-15 years ago our government passed a law saying pubs could open for 24 hours a day. This is in stark contrast to Paris, which has been closing down music clubs in residential areas, Switzerland – where it’s hard to get a meal past 10pm and it’s forbidden to flush the toilet between midnight and 6am in some neighborhoods, and places like Germany and Austria, where shops close early.

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