Why is my client’s hair so dry?

La-Biosthetique-Volume-Mousse-abloomnova Why is my client's hair so dry?

There’s many reasons for dry, brittle hair. If a client comes into your salon with clearly damaged hair, it may well be up to you to offer some advice for the long term health of the hair and scalp.

Perhaps the hair is heat style too much. The heat from using blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can really do a number on strands. Hold back on styling this type of hair with hot tools.

Too much heat from hair drying – the humble hairdryer can be hair’s worst enemy if it’s already starved of moisture. Check the temps on dryers – those with fine hair should stay below 360 degrees, while medium and coarse hair should stay below 380 degrees and 410 degrees, respectively.

Are they using too much shampoo? Shampooing is one of those necessities that, if not done properly, can play a role in how dry and brittle hair is. Washing hair strips natural oils which is inherently drying.

Where’s the conditioner? We condition our hair to help replace moisture that was lost from shampooing. But if conditioner doesn’t sit in hair long enough, or if the right formula isn’t used, hair could be missing out on some much-needed nourishment. Leave conditioner in hair for at least five minutes, so it has a chance to work its magic.

Pay Attention To Purse Straps –  you may do it without thinking, but throwing your purse on so the strap sits over your hair, and pulling your hair out from under that strap can cause some breakage. Especially if you do this on a regular basis, and tend to wear your purse exclusively on one side, you may even notice that the hair on one side of your head is thinner than the other. To prevent purse-strap damage, try to make sure your hair is out of the way before hanging your purse from your shoulder. If you happen to drop it on your locks anyway, lift up the strap before pulling your hair out from under it so as to avoid any damage caused by friction. (Via Bustle)

As well as using heat protectants, having regular trims, detangling gently – all these little things can have a bad effect on hair.

La Biosthetique Conditioner Dry Hair – Care Conditioner for Silky Hair is a moisturising conditioner to use after your shampoo for more smoothness, shine, moisture, softness and bounce. In a matter of minutes, remedies damage to the hair structure and results in more stability and intensive shine.

This comes in a 1000ml bottle – so ideal for salon use and in spas. And of course, being a La Biosthetique, it’s incredibly easy to use – just distribute evenly into towel-dried hair after washing, and leave in for 2–3 minutes and rinse.


  • Active ingredients from the desert rose, as well as Provitamin B5, stabilise the hair’s delicate moisture balance. The hair’s bounce and softness are restored.
  • The valuable mango seed oil is combined with soy lecithin to supply the hair with softening substances that repair and restructure the hair.
  • Amino acids, trace elements and minerals from black oat form a moisture-binding protective film on the hair surface improving elasticity and shine.onditioner Dry Hair – Care Conditioner for Silky Hair 1000ml

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