Tips for combatting dull skin

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How easy is it to develop dull, stressed skin in the 21st century? Very easy – with computer screens, strip lighting, too much time spent inside, lack of sleep and a whole host of other contributing factors, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking and feeling like we need recharging.
So, what are the best ways to banish dull skin? These tips from Refinery29 can help, and we also have a quick fix product that can help your skin go from drab to fab in minutes!
Grab Some Ice & Go
Typically, if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, the effects of restricted blood flow will be reflected in your skin.During waking hours, when the the body is in a vertical position, blood and fluids in your body circulate in a downward fashion due to gravity. At night, with the right amount of sleep, the flat position of the body helps to balance out and regulate proper blood flow and circulation both in the face and body.On those mornings when you didn’t get your beauty rest, fake a full-night’s sleep by splashing your face with very cold water. This burst of cold will boost skin’s circulation and add needed color to help get rid of dull tones.

Get Your “Pep” On
Certain ingredients in skin-care products can encourage blood flow to the face. These include extracts of ginseng, rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint. When applied to the skin, they can gently dilate blood vessels, which allows the skin to accommodate more nutrient-rich blood. (Note: if you have rosacea, redness, or are very sensitive, these ingredients are  not ideal for your skin.)
Put Your Makeup To Work
Sometimes when we look washed-out and exhausted, we can fake looking awake by choosing a bright shade of blush. Blush high on the cheeks can do wonders in “waking up” your skin. A pinky-coral hue will help lend a healthy-looking glow — even when you’re feeling less than 100%.Use illuminating makeup as a quick fix. Look for formulations with light reflective pigments that impart radiance to the skin. Avoid yellow-based makeup tones and clothing, as they can make the skin appear sallow.
Hang Your Head Upside Down 
It sounds crazy, but if you’re into yoga, you already know the great benefits of spending time upside down: it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the face. You can do this with a headstand, by doing the downward dog yoga pose, or even hanging your head over the side of the bed. After three minutes, a slight redness from the increased blood flow will appear on the skin and, in the long run, it can make a big difference in improving circulation and getting (and keeping!) an inner glow.

Massage Your Face
One important step in a professional facial is a massage of the face, neck, and shoulders. While it’s very relaxing, it’s also performed to increase microcirculation, which generates a pick-me-up from within. Perform your own gentle facial massage immediately after applying moisturizer at night when your skin is damp. Close your hand to make a fist, and use your knuckles to massage the skin in small, circular motions.It’s also recommended avoiding smoking and excessive consumption caffeine and alcohol, because these habits can impair circulation. And, be sure to eat nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to fuel your body with antioxidants. Your skin will be bright and glowing in no time.

One of our great quick fixes for dull skin is Matis Energising Cream. This is a fine, silky smooth cream that deliciously provides global revitalizing action and targeted stimulating action. Matis Energising Cream helps skin to protect itself from urban stress and to recover all of its luminosity, stimulates cell and all vital skin function. A must for skin looking for energy, its effects are optimized when it is applied after the Energising Serum.

• Provides global revitalizing action and targeted stimulating action.
• Helps skin to protect itself from urban stress.
• Recovers all of its luminosity, stimulates cell and all vital skin function.

How to use:
Apply to face and neck after Energising Cream. Apply using fingertips, starting at the center of the face and work outwards, with upward movements.

Active ingredients:
• Vitamin A, C and E, Trace Elements (Magnesium, Zinc and Copper).
• Oligovital Complex exclusive energising complex from Matis lab.
• Micro-alga Dunaliella Salina: protects the mitochondria, the energy centres of the cells, and stimulates the production of ATP to increase the cell energy storage. activates all the key functions in the skin metabolism.
• Zoo-Plankton Artemia Salina: revitalise cellular energy, it comes from hyper-mineralised lakes.

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