Why is exfoliation so important?

Matis-Vitality-by-M-Clean-and-Scrub-77-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Why is exfoliation so important?

We’re always told to exfoliate, but what is it about a good scrub that is so important?

We definitely feel a difference in our skin when we exfoliate, so that’s a plus, but ExpertHomeTips help present the case for the benefits of exfoliation, right here:

  1. Exfoliation makes skin look more youthful

Out with the old, in with the new! Dead skin cells often look dry and lacklustre, giving you a dull complexion and ageing your appearance.

Exfoliate once a week to remove dry and flaky skin, and reveal the new skin cells hidden beneath. These new cells are full of life and will give you a smooth, healthy-looking glow.

  1. Exfoliation helps products to penetrate the skin

Dead skin cells cannot be revived, so rubbing your expensive skincare products all over them will do very little. What’s more, they actually create a barrier to the new cells below which are able to absorb products.

Exfoliating once a week will ensure the skin’s surface is regularly renewed. With no barrier to prevent their penetration, they’ll sink deep into skin and be more effective than ever.

Hand in hand with exfoliation, products that promise the Earth might just start delivering.

  1. Get skin that glows by exfoliating regularly

Glowing skin – it’s something we all want.

Have you found the cream that gives it to you yet? No? Then exfoliation could be the answer.

Exfoliating once or twice a week will reveal brand new skin cells that are overflowing with life. These skin cells will be much brighter than their predecessors and help you get that ‘glow’ you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for an exfoliator for all skin types, we recommend Matis Vitality by M Clean and Scrub 7/7. This gently removes makeup, oil, and impurities, and sweeps away dead and dull cells for a radiant complexion. Matis Vitality by M Clean and Scrub 7/7 improves penetration of moisturiser, and maintains fresh and glowing skin.





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