Ella Bache Cocon de Lait Demaquillant Cocoon Milk

Abloomnova is always aiming for balanced skin. With time we have witnessed cases where people spot a problem on their skin, and the usual practice is to seek for solution by themselves. This is where they start off a cycle from fetching skin care products from drugstores, and many of them always ended up with an even worse skin problem.

Today we are going to introduce you to the dermatologist recommended balanced care – Ella Bache Cocon de Lait Demaquillant Cocoon Milk for any of you who have combination skin type.


This gentle makeup remover comes in a milk-like color. Usually people suggest to cleanse your face twice for every use as the remover has more time to take break down layers of makeup on your skin.  But it’s actually time-consuming and combination skin doesn’t need over-cleansing, since different areas of your skin have different needs to feel satisfied. Drier areas would be drier as it would strip away the oil your skin produces, while oilier areas would have bigger pores if your remover need a warm cloth or warm water to remove.

This makeup remover soothes all your skins needs, as the most interesting thing about it is the way it removes your makeup. With this product spread over your face, you will only need a cotton ball to gently remove your makeup!  Afterwards, use your favourite lotion to clean your face, and this will make sure that the makeup remover won’t leave your skin with a layer of moisturizing feel, but cleansed and soft.

For sure, if you have combination skin type and you always put on makeup, the best thing to do is to use a balanced moisturizer and primer to keep your face matte all day; stay tuned for more of Abloomnova’s products!

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