How to treat Oily Skin

We know the pain when it comes to Oily Skin, it takes us back to the time of being a teenager, A-levels stressed us all out and we couldn’t handle breakouts and oiliness of our skins, plus some of us had already piled up with makeup… Oh wait, isn’t it exactly the same situation some of our lovelies might still be struggling after school life?

Oily skin isn’t always a teenagers problem, it’s related to our family history, hormonal and menstrual periods, which gets our faces shiny in the most uncomfortable way. Excess oil and breakouts make us feel ‘sweaty’.  So, how can we keep it clean and clear, like those commercials ladies smiling for their flawless skin?  Here are some tips:

 Washing your face:

To start off with- washing your face twice a day, and it’s very important to solely stick with non- alcohol skin care range (unless suggested by dermatologist), as your skin will react with much more oil to respond to the surface of your skin is getting dehydrated while it’s more than enough!  So keep irritating products away, stay hydrated by keep up with 8 glasses of water a day, put a glass next to your computer or set an alarm to build up your ‘drinking’ habit, so you don’t make your skin dry and end up over-producing more oil to balance its hydration.


If you haven’t – introduce yourself to our skin care products and if you need a quick-fix for the moment, try to layer your skin with some aloe vera as a mask, which can instantly smooth off redness or breakouts of your skin and rising the hydration level underneath. And in the long run – purifying masks after exfoliation are a brilliant solution, but only once a week.

Oily Skin also needs moisturizing, so try a balancing cream or a shine control cream.

Try to wear lighter makeup as the products do absorb and immerse into your skin (definitely a NO to sun-tanning), which can also dry out your skin eventually. And so take a hydrating mist with you, if there’s any shine on your face during the day, spray and pad it with tissue, and I always believe taking away the oil isn’t the way to let the skin notice the overproduction of oil, a spraying mist can also keep you refreshed!

There is no quick fix solution of oily skin, like all the other skin type, but Abloomnova are hoping to grow with you, and together we can explore the true beauty of skin care that can serve your skin to the best level!  Please stay tuned for the upcoming lists of products xx




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