How to keep oily skin at bay

Gatineau-Tonimasque-Toning-Cream-Mask-Masque-Creme-Tonifiant-abloomnova.net_-1600x1144 How to keep oily skin at bay

Oily skin may present its challenges, but once you set up a good skincare regime, it’s quite easy to control and keep at bay. According to Live Strong, oily skin, or seborrhea, is caused by overactive sebaceous glands, a condition that can be driven or exacerbated by hormones. Women with oily skin may see increased acne breakouts during their menstrual periods. Proper skin care is essential for minimizing the appearance of pimples, blackheads and large pores. Fortunately, keeping your skin clean and clear doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

  1. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Lather the cleanser in your hands, massage it onto your face with your fingertips and rinse it off by splashing your skin with warm water. If you have acne, look for a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help dry up blemishes.
  2. Tone your skin with astringent after washing your face. Medicated astringents can help clear breakouts. For a natural, inexpensive toner, try witch hazel or fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Apply toner with a soft cotton ball or use premoistened pads.
  3. Apply a mattifying gel or oil-control moisturizer. If you wear makeup, apply the gel before your foundation.
  4. Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove the dirt and dead skin cells that can clog your pores. Buy an exfoliating cleanser containing ground nut shells, fruit kernels or polymer-based microbeads, or make your own by mixing baking soda with water to form a paste. Washing your face with a washcloth is another way to exfoliate.
  5. Next, use a mask designed for your type of skin. Gatineau Tonimasque Toning Cream Mask – Masque Creme Tonifiant is a mask for oily and combination skin. This toner is stringent and toning with an absorbent active ingredients that exert an effective, purifying action. Its pleasant fragrance of menthol leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. This is a stimulating mask to clear, and smooth the skin. This soft pink clay mask can be used 1-2 times a week to tone and stimulate, leaving the skin refreshed and clarified.
  • Menthol leaving the skin brighter,fresher and invigorated.
  • Kaolin and bentonite clay to eliminate toxins.
  • Sweet almond oil to moisturize and soften.
  • Titanium Dioxide adds anti bacterical, impurity absorbing actions.

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