Professional skin care range for beauty therapists

Professional-skin-care-range-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Professional skin care range for beauty therapists

We supply many beauty therapists with professional skin care ranges. With brands like Gatineau, Guinot and Thalgo as huge sellers, we know enough now about what makes a brand appealing to a third party.

Data from the The Guild Beauty Industry Survey shows details on this a lot more explicitly, and we read with great interest the opinions and thoughts of beauty therapists across the UK.

What makes a salon owner choose a particular brand of skincare?

Choosing the right skincare range is an important decision and is a big investment for most salon businesses. So what are the factors that make business owners pick one particular skincare range over any other on the market? The survey gave therapists and salon owners a list of thirteen different options to choose from. The three most popular answers were:

  • I used the same skincare myself
  • I considered it to be the best skincare available
  • None of the salons near to me use that brand of skincare

How important is training when choosing a skincare range?

The thing that sets a professional skincare brand apart from the one that can be bought over the counter is the ingredients it contains and the suitability of the product for different clients. This is important information that has to be learned by the therapists in order to get the best results out of the product range. Indeed, some of the more established skincare companies see training as one of the primary reasons why a salon owner should select the range. In the survey, a total of 57.1% of salon owners told us that training was an integral part of taking on a particular skincare brand. Further analysis showed that 35.7% said that training was included free of charge, and 21.4% said that training was available but had to be paid for.

What’s the most important feature of your skincare brand?

We asked the UK’s salon owners what they consider to be the most important features of the skincare range they used. We presented them with eight different options and the three most popular of these were:

  • Product range suits all my clients
  • Cost of the products
  • Products are delivered soon after ordering

How you prefer to order your skincare?

Salon owners can buy their products through a number of different channels. Some business owners buy their skincare products from the local wholesaler. Others order by mail either online, by email or over the telephone. If the skincare brand operate area reps, this is another options for placing orders. We presented a list of five different options and the most popular of these were:

  • Order and pay for my order online through the website
  • Buy at a wholesaler
  • Call the head office on the telephone

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