How to treat Sensitive Skin

There is no definite solution for every skin type, some articles say sensitive skin is actually subjective to each individual, weather your skin turns red, flushed, dry, itchy or gets sunburn easily. Can it be equally ranked in other skin types?

The key point of having a range of sensitive skin care products, is to take into account the level of irritation from internal and external factors and ingredients. Some sensitive skin care products usually have opt-out acidic elements, which in another way to say, they are great for all skin type which are not under-going severe skin condition!

For the treatment for sensitive skin, try to avoid heavily scented products, not only in skin care, but also fragrance, hair colouring or antiperspirant; Keep acidic ingredients away from your skin care routine as even vitamin C could cause irritation on your skin; do not rub or scratch your skin as always. You can refer back to our pick on sensitive skin care products to keep your skin hydrated all day, and try to tailor your skin care products seasonally in keeping with the weather. But try to stick to the same brands and products once you found what you are comfortable with, to lessen the risk of expanding or worsening your skin away from comfiness.  Lastly, will you be up for NO MAKEUP WEEKEND?  A chemical free face is always the best choice for your skin!


Overall, people who have sensitive skin need to take extra care, we think it’s a great experience that you get to have very close relationship with your skin, to withstand different climates, pollutants, wind or sunburn, and all little life factors that could fluctuate your health. So, the basic gesture is:

– keeping up with 8 hours of beauty sleep (11ish onwards),

– eat well,

– keep your room clean (change your pillowcase once a week!),

– exercise or do yoga regularly to reduce stress that you hold unconsciously, a good laugh with friends is said to be the best medicine to make a person glow from within!  What do you think?


P.S. Let yourself shine through xx





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