The two possible reasons you have red skin

Carita-Ideal-Douceur-Serum-de-Coton-Cotton-Serum-abloomnova.net_ The two possible reasons you have red skin

When you suffer from chronic red skin, it’s important to find out the cause of it. Red skin can happen at anytime – in cold weather, hot weather, after an alcoholic drink, waking up, feeling tired – and according to Byrdie, the first step in fixing, it is identifying the source. When it comes to red skin, patients say that their skin skin is really “sensitive,” that usually translates into one of two things: some variant of rosacea or some variant of eczema.

To break each of those down further, rosacea has three different components to it. The first is “flushing,” which is what people perceive to be blotchiness. Flushing is trigger-based—whether from changes of emotion (stress, anxiety, anger), temperature (a hot car, room, or external environment), exercise red wine, chocolate, or spicy food—all of which will cause the blood vessels in the skin to dilate. That will create that pink rosy hue, and when the trigger is eliminated a few days later, the hue goes down. But obviously, it’s cosmetically stressing in between.

The second component of rosacea is persistently pink or red cheeks, and that is the result of broken capillaries in the skin. And the third component of rosacea is acne-like bumps, especially around the nose and mouth, and textural changes to the skin like enlarged pores. Often times when a patient comes in and says, ‘My skin is totally red, I have no idea why,’ or, ‘My skin is blotchy and I have no idea why,’ it actually is their first symptoms of rosacea.

If, however, your redness is eczema-based, it’s going to appear less like flushing, and more like the blotchy, itchy pink skin of a rash. With eczema, it’s not something where you put a product on your face and get a rash tomorrow. It’s delayed onset. You can try some blush on at the mall and two weeks later, get the rash. It can happen from your shampoo, or your nail polish, and touching your eyes. It can also be  from something you’ve used every day of your life but one day develop an allergy too. So we do patch testing on your back to identify what in your life is causing the problems.

A product that many of our customers who suffer from red skin find invaluable is Carita Ideal Douceur Serum de Coton – Cotton Serum is a true radiance-soothing activator. This immediately comforts and soothes sensitive or delicate skin with lasting effect, thanks to the dulcis intensa complex which helps to reduce the skin’s sensitivity, thus relieving sensations of discomfort and the appearance of redness.

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