How to protect your skin from the Sun

We have been introducing a list of sun care products to take good care of yourself while enjoying the sunshine, but is there anything more we can do in protecting our precious skin?  Abloomnova has some tips for you!

Daily skin care routine:

To start off the skin care revolution, by adding a basic range of SPF15-30 to your daily skin care routine is a must!  Put a teaspoon of sunscreen evenly on your face including neck and back of your ears. Then you can continue with your makeup, and it’s easy to keep the shine and oiliness away when you put a layer of setting powder to finish off your makeup.

 When to apply sunscreen:

If you are going outdoor, reapply a thin layer of sunscreen in every 40 minutes. Don’t wait to put on sunscreen until you are in the sun, it already gets your skin cracked up with potential sunburn and spots!  When to apply sunscreen? Make sure you are applying the sunscreen with your friends during the drive to the beach or at home, it needs at least 20-30 minutes to sink in and start protecting your skin.

As for a safe tan plan, not only you can get our Guinot bronzing sunscreen and eye cream to assist, but also avoid the sun between noon till 3pm, the greatest tanning period of the day is some-when after 4pm when the sun is more gentle; Yet please never try to get your perfect tan with just one time, since it’s won’t happen, and it’s not even an enjoyable thing to do when staying under the sun for too long, is it? So gradually build up time spent in the sun.


There are quite a lot of numbers to remember when playing in the beautiful sun outside, especially when you can get some vitamin D from it (cheese and egg yolks are also high in vitamin D)! In case you want more pampering action for your skin: treat yourself to some nice sunglasses with a high SPF protection, and also a pretty hat to protect your scalp!  But avoid tanning beds and sunlamps, if you think of the fact that the essential routine in applying sunscreen (SPF15) at work because of the fluorescent lamp, all lights gives out UVA UVB, so why would put yourself without protection to those machine to achieve a tan? Natural sun light is always the way!

Last reminder: Drink loads of water to keep yourself and your skin hydrated, if you want a bit flavor in it, lemon water and any other fruits added to it will keep your body feeling great through this wonderful summer!

Embrace your skin! And make sure if you have any concern about your skincare routine, Abloomnova team is always here for you, E-mail us!



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