ella-bache-800x529 [SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache
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[SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache

“My second makeup model is Kitty, and I was so flattered to get compliment from my tutor for beautifying Kitty’s skin at ‘perfect’ state, guess how?” “The answer may not surprise you, but putting on a moisturizing mask is an important step, way before sitting down for the whole makeup process! I mentioned before how […]

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Guinot Masque Dynamisant Anti Fatingue Instant Radiance Mask Vitalize The Tired Skins

Hope this blog post finds you lovelies well! Getting stuffed with food and love is always the happiest moment we could have isn’t it? But that also mean that our body is adapting another lifestyle all of a sudden, and which I have had unforgettable experiences to get my best condition back. Some of you […]