Plant placenta and face cream

Apparently, the plant placenta is the answer to skin woes. What on earth is it, how does it work and where do you find it?

According to Charlotte’s Book, the plant placenta is the natural substance found under the pistil (the female reproductive part) of the plant. It has a high concentration of amino acids, proteins and peptides that ignite skin’s natural collagen creation and cellular metabolism.

Two key attributes of natural plant placenta produce this remarkable, broad-spectrum skin repair. First, plant placenta essence is recognized, or accepted, by our own skin cells, so it has a unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin’s hypodermis, where damage begins. Second, plant placenta helps harmonize the various activities of individual skin cells to maximize the healing benefits of clinically proven anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. The effectiveness of plant placenta is quickly seen in wound repair, including skin abrasions, serious bruising, redness, irritation and burns.

In clinical testing versus human placenta, plant placenta demonstrated a 70% increase in skin oxygenation. When skin consumes more oxygen it creates healthy proteins that strengthen and protect the vital collagen structure that keeps skin acting and looking youthful. By stimulating circulation, skin cells regenerate more quickly to firm skin tone and repair visible lines and wrinkles. Even damage from UV rays and environmental pollution diminish, fading discoloration to make skin look brighter and clearer.

Which is why we love Guinot Pleine Vie – Skin Cell Supplement Face Cream. Its active component is plant placenta: placenta is that precious and rich substance which nourishes plant embryos. It has surprising regenerating effects, which stimulate vital functions. This powerful active ingredient firms and enhances

This cream slows down effects of aging by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Activates any in-active cells and vital skin functions with its anti-radical action. Helps bring back radiance and comfort of younger skin. Perfect for women experiencing hormonal changes and/or menopause.

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