Gatineau Clear & Perfect Tonimasque Purifying Mattifying Mask

Every household should have a pot of clay mask, especially for those who have oily skin type, you must be familiar with it, and today we are here to introduce you to one that definitely graded as top quality, that will get you a softer, smoother skin.


This Gatineau Clear & Perfect Tonimasque Purifying Mattifying Mask comes in a little package, ranged for oily skin type, you might have wondered what is the difference of this to raw clay mask you can get for four pounds?

Here’s the answer: while Gatineau combine natural clay, menthol and other ingredients not only do they absorb and balance the surface of your face, but the mineral magnets draw out the dirt, reducing inflammation if you have Acne.

The result of getting a softer and smoother skin is significant! Its rich and creamy texture, is gentle enough not to cause breakouts on your skin and can be evenly layered on the entire face (terrible painful experience once as I tried to pull off my natural clay mask…), remember to lye down whenever you are having mask on as you wouldn’t want it to drag your pores down, and when removing it, do it from chin to forehead in an upward direction


The mask is suitable for normal to oily skin type, and you can use it 1 to 2 times per week, you can put it only on some specific area (for combination skin type), on your T-zone, jawlines, and put on other moisturizing or eye mask on the other area to make the best combination mask in one go.


Final note for oily skin type ladies – don’t get frustrated about it, since you are going to look younger than those who have other skin type!! 😉



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