Guinot Microbiotic mousse

Oily skin type can always be befriended with a mousse, today Abloomnova is introducing the most silky foam you could get from the market – Guinot Microbiotic mousse!


What attracted me with the mousse was that with the first use of the foam it builds up in one bump and doesn’t drip, as you massage all over your face, these fine bubbles are taking care of every pore of your skin. Its in-depth purification is going to deal with the most problematic oily skin, because you can even touch and feel the cleanness after washing your face!  The Abloomnova staff who tried the product said,”I didn’t get the squeeziness like with other mousses, and it doesn’t have acidic ingredients that could cause irritation or dry out my skin throughout the day, my face stays matte for most of the day after I started using it.”


As we go along with this product, we understand why reviews claimed it “Cleanses perfectly”. Microbiotic mousse can assist you in healing any breakouts on your skin and prevent the harshness that your face felt from the outer environment and lessen its aggressive response to it. Its sebum secretion can also help in regulating and balancing pH levels and oil production from your body. And that’s how we trust in the quality of Guinot’s products and keeping us all happy!


Last reminder if you are troubled by oily skin, try to avoid having hair touching your face, since hair captures dirt from the air and it is going to worsen your skin, and so why not tie it up and make some beautiful hairstyle this summer/autumn time?


You can always send us an email inquiring any matter about skin care, our Abloomnova staff are always here for you to choose the best products for your skin!


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Abloomnova xx

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