Skin complaint? Try a Guinot cream

Guinot-cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Skin complaint? Try a Guinot cream

Whatever your skin type, there’s a Guinot cream to suit it – to lift, to calm, to moisturise and to nourish.

Acne prone? Try:

Guinot Microbiotic – Shine Control Toning Lotion

Guinot Microbiotic Shine Control Toning Lotion for oily skin, combination skin and acne prone skin. Microbiotic Lotion protects the skin all day long by controlling microbial flora through the Sebocidine complex. Reducing sebum secretion, tightens pores and neutralises shine, while also purifying your skin.

Combination skin? Try:

Guinot Creme Pur Equilibre – Pure Balance Cream

Normalises your skin by bringing back skins natural balance. This cream mattifies and purifies your skin, but also helps re-balance excess sebum and reduces breakouts.

The Sebum-Regulating Complex: To treat shine and dilated pores, the consequences of excess sebum. Guinot’s laboratory created and tested the Sebum-Regulating Complex, a complex of active ingredients selected for their intensive anti-seborrheic activity and their perfect tolerance. Combined with purifying agents, this extraordinary active ingredient has demonstrated its effectiveness on all types of oily skin.

Dehydrated skin? Try:

Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute – Long-Lasting Moisturising Cream

Moisturiser for dehydrated skin restores the skins natural protective film which protects against environmental aggressors and reduces the feeling of tightness. Comfort is restored and skin becomes more radiant and looks refreshed. Dehydration lines are reduced for a more youthful complexion

Sensitive skin? Try:

Guinot Creme Hydra Sensitive Face Cream

Moisturiser for sensitive skin with its hypoallergenic formula works to reinforce the skins natural defence and to reduce discomfort, feeling of heat, redness and irritation.

Lymphokine improves skin tolerance by combining an immediate soothing action to reduce irritation with a protecting action, which reinforces the skin’s natural defences.

Ageing skin? Try:

Guinot Pleine Vie – Skin Cell Supplement Face Cream

Slows down effects of aging by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Activates any in-active cells and vital skin functions with its anti-radical action. Helps bring back radiance and comfort of younger skin. Perfect for women experiencing hormonal changes and/or menopause.

This cream contains plant placenta which is the precious and rich substance which nourishes plant embryos. It has surprising regenerating effects, which stimulate vital functions. This powerful active ingredient firms and enhances

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