How samphire benefits ageing skin

Maria-Galland-Mattifying-Hydrating-Lotion-62-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How samphire benefits ageing skin

Samphire has many benefits for the skin and body. From its anti-viral properties, optimising digestion, reducing the risk of constipation and toughening bones – this is one plant that is well worth including in your diet.

The plant also has anti-ageing benefits which has only recently been discovered. According to HealthyBuilderz, vitamin C is present in samphire also helps keep your skin looking young and healthy, and it does so in a couple of ways. First, the nutrient is an antioxidant that fights off skin-damaging free radicals. Second, vitamin C helps encourage collagen production. Due to these reasons, you can consider samphire as an all-natural age-defying agent.

Due to its recent discovery, samphire doesn’t exist in *that* many skincare products. This soon will change, but for now, Maria Galland is one of the skincare experts at the forefront of the research.

One of its products, Maria Galland Mattifying Hydrating Lotion 62, contains samphire to provide an incredible finish for ageing skin.

Maria Galland Mattifying Hydrating Lotion 62 gives an extra feeling of freshness on your skin: this alcohol-free facial lotion, designed for all skin types, but in particular, for normal to oily skin, helps to remove dead skin cells and to improve absorption of the care products subsequently applied. Samphire and algae extracts stimulate the skin, supply it with moisture and make it look especially alive – every time it’s been cleansed.

Soak a cotton wool pad with the lotion, and smooth it over the face and neck. Use each time you have cleansed your skin.
Main active ingredients:
Samphire, sea water, sodium PCA, laminaria digitata algae extract, chondrus crispus algae extract, fucus vesiculosus algae extract, allantoin.

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