How to embrace your age

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One of the many tips told to us the other day was regards anti-ageing. Don’t try to look younger, we were told, which at first might seem redundant. Surely the whole point of slowing down Mother Nature was to look younger? The point they were getting at was to look and feel good, be healthy and happy and confidence will shine through.

As Be Sixty write, to look good after a certain age doesn’t mean expensive treatments and regrettable surgery. Embrace your age and look at ways of protecting you and your skin.

As women over 60, we need to embrace the power that we have and say goodbye to the old-fashioned notion that all women should constantly try to look “younger.” Instead, let’s embrace the beauty, character and honesty that are embedded in our faces.

We have lived beautiful and unique lives, and we should be proud of how we look, smile lines and all.

Stay Out of the Sun
Sun damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkled, spotted skin. Try to limit your sun exposure, wear hats and use sunblock. A lot of sun damage doesn’t become fully apparent until later in life – but it’s never “too late” to make a difference in the health of your skin by reducing your sun exposure. Using sunblock and avoiding excessive sun can also reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it is “too late” to start caring about sunblock. If you are in your 60s, you probably have 20-30 more years on this amazing planet. That’s a long time for the decisions that you make not to come back to haunt you!

Wash Your Face Before Sleep
Dry skin is one of the most common challenges for women over 60, because people’s skin tends to become drier as we lose oil glands when we get older. One of the best ways to reduce dry skin is to wash your face every night before bed – but don’t use soap, as soap will pull away the natural oils from your skin that are needed to keep your skin healthy. Drink lots of water as well!

Stop Smoking
Aside from all the other health benefits of giving up smoking, if you are a smoker, you probably have more wrinkles than other people your same age who do not smoke. Try to stop.

Don’t Soak Too Long in the Tub
A hot bath can be a great way to relax – but if you spend too long in the bathtub, you might be drying out your skin. If you love a long and leisurely bath, use some lovely bath oil or lather on some body moisturiser when you get out of the bath when you skin is still a little damp.

One of our best selling moisturisers for ageing skin is Dr. Spiller Alpenrausch Organic Exclusive Renewal Complex, an intensive 24-hour moisturiser with potent botanical ingredients to protect the skin from the effects of oxidation and counteracts signs of premature ageing. With its oil base, this product is ideal for mature and prematurely ageing skin

An effective moisturizer for mature and ageing skin with extracts from Edelweiss and Ribwort Plantain to toughen and strengthen the skin. Sea Buckthorn, one of few plants rich in Vitamin B12, hastens the regenerative process and protects the skin against free radicals. Refreshing Gentian and vitalizing Beech Bud Extract help the skin to feel strong, supple and soft.

Active ingredients:

  • Rose Flower Water
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Beech Bud Extract
  • Gentian
  • Sea Buckthorn Extract
  • Edelweiss
  • Ribwort Plantain
  • Alpine Rose Extract

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