How to make your eyes look younger at home

REN-Keep-Young-and-Beautiful-Firm-and-Lift-Eye-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1280x1600 How to make your eyes look younger at home

It’s been a long time since our eyes need no help to sparkle and shine. As we get older, we sadly need a bit of help from time to time. Seeing as the eyes are the windows to our soul, we want them to look their best. So how do we make sure our peepers shine? Here are some DIY tips thanks in part to the beauty gurus at Byrdie.

De-puffing DIY

If you’ve woken your swollen eyes once again—the contents of your kitchen want to help. Soaking a cotton ball in cold whole milk and resting them on your eyes will help soothe and de-puff; the cold temperature constricts blood vessels, and the lactic acid and fat soothe dry skin. Or, you can try the green tea ice cube trick. Brew some green tea, and pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow it to freeze overnight, then gently wrap the ice cube in a paper towel and rub it over your eye area for an instant pick-me-up.

Use a good eye cream

REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm and Lift Eye Cream is an ultra lifting, firming and replenishing eye cream that dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and deep expression lines around the delicate eye area. The eye contour appears smoother, tighter and revitalised.

Use primer below the eyes

We rely on our trusty eyeshadow primer like none other; it keeps our eyeshadow and liner from smudging and can even plump fine lines. That’s why you should be applying a dab right underneath your eyes, too. Not only will it keep your bottom mascara from smudging, but it’ll even out any crepe-iness, too.

Use some coconut oil

Coconut oil, beauty’s favourite do-it-all, also works as an eye cream on nights when your wrinkles and dryness are especially pronounced. Or better yet, use it to remove leftover makeup after cleansing your face, then leave the residue on and allow it to sink in—two birds, one (tropically scented) stone.

Use concealer

Anyone with dark circles can attest to the fact that it’s a struggle to cover them. Yes, we all know that peach-toned concealer works best for covering discolouration under the eyes, but even then it seems some panda tendencies come through. The solution? Layer your concealers. Use a peach or reddish-tinged concealer first, then pat a yellow-toned concealer on top to ensure your dark circles stay out of sight.

Highlight With Concealer

You might know by now that adding a lighter eyeshadow shade right below your brow bone can give your eyes a subtle lift. But beware—white, shimmery, or glittery shades will only accentuate fine lines and look dated. Instead, try highlighting the arch of your brow bone with concealer instead. The matte finish will look completely natural, and the shade is already perfectly suited to your skin tone. 


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