Is youth wasted on the young?

Thalgo-Prodige-des-Oceans-LEssence-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Is youth wasted on the young?

Is youth wasted on the young? When it comes to our complexions, it would seem so. While we spend all our time as teens covering our faces with makeup, it’s only when we’re older do we realise how little our skin needed back in the day.

So we’re always on the look out for skin care products that allows us to turn back the time a little bit. While we’re not expecting to get back to our 17 year old selves, we would like a little help in holding back the hands of time.

Thalgo Prodige des Oceans L’Essence is for all women, whatever their age or skin type, wishing to regain perfect skin.

The first marine treatment for absolute perfection. Reactivates the renewal of the epidermis. Regulates cutaneous pigmentation. Boosts cell metabolism. Stimulates the detoxification process. Use morning and/or evening. Take one drop of Prodige des Océans Essence and gently warm between the hands.

Intense infusion – Prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients by eliminating toxins:
1. Place hands on either side of the nose and make 3 pressures from the centre of the face towards the edge.
2. Smooth the forehead with one hand and with the other, smooth the neck down from the jawline towards the décolleté. Finish by gently pressing between the eyebrows and on the sternum. Repeat 3 times.

Inital revitalisation – Treat the zones marked by the first signs of ageing:
1. Smooth the eye contour from the inner corner towards the temples. Press lightly on the temples three times. Repeat three times.
2. With closed hands, smooth the lower half of the face from the lips towards the ears.

Concluding movements – Perfect cutaneous diffusion and cell revitalisation:
With open hands, smooth from the forehead to the hairline using the fingertips. Repeat the movement from the temples towards the hairline. Repeat three times.


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