Plump Up Your Skin w MATIS

Matis-Reponse-Corrective-Hyaluronic-Performance Plump Up Your Skin w MATIS

The Matis Reponse Corrective Hyaluronic Performance is an intense moisturizer that pours hydration, plumpness and smoothness in aid of aging skin that suffers from dryness, wrinkles, tiredness and all sorts of oxidative damages. In routine of using it twice a day, it plumps any types of skin from dull to full.

We once sent a sample of this Matis cream to Denise, its metallic package drew her attention to try among other creams we’ve sent her, “I was running around and literally exhausted for a project at work, but I still committed to get myself to remove makeup, cleanse and quickly pad the cream on my face before bed. Thanks to the cream, I found my face stayed refreshed and energized, and to my surprise I found that it’s an anti-aging cream!”

We know people tend to resist using anti-aging creams in their 20s or 30s, however, usage of anti-aging cream varies on our skin condition, and there is one ingredient we adore in our beautiful Matis cream – Hyaluronic acid!

Hyaluronic acid is said to be the “fountain of youth”, that’s right! It is not anything acidic, but substances we naturally produce since we were babies, it situates mostly around our eye area and joints to act as protective agent, think of it as cushions that provide elasticity to our bodies and our skins. And as we grow up there is less hyaluronic acid in our bodies and there is less hyaluronic acid being produced.

And that is when people started to develop this nutrient in medical use for healing wounds, it has also been traditionally used as lip filler, and more skincare products invested in hyaluronic acid to reinforce our skin elasticity, imagine that the Matis cream is sneaking extra nutrients that our bodies have been producing, like an ‘old friend’ our skin is familiar with so it will naturally accept its filing to result in a firmer, plumper, polished skin. To achieve a softer, smoother, hydrated skin.

That’s not to ignore the importance of our diet, soya and tofu are proved to be food that can send signals to our cells in producing more hyaluronic acid; also, eating dark coloured fruits such as plums and green leafs will also help in defeating daily oxidative damages from environment we are surrounded by.

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