Our favourite Ella Bache products!

KE14008 Our favourite Ella Bache products!

Ella Bache really go one step further when it comes to looking after sensitive and/or mature skin. We have a proper obsession with their products, and are of course, proud to stock them on our online shop.

We cannot choose our favourite – they are all wonderful. But we’re going to list some that have been selling well on our site recently that doesn’t come as any surprise.

Ella Bache Nutri’Action Creme Jojoba Nutrition Fine – Jojoba Light Nourishing Cream – This cream nourishes, soothes and provides protection with jojoba oil. This product is recommended for anyone looking for a nourishing cream without feeling greasy.

Ella Bache Pur’Aromatics Creme Intex No. 2 Peaux Grasses – Intex Cream No. 2 for Oily Skin -The Cult cream, target skins thanks to a multi-corrective action. Ella Baché recommend it to anyone with oily skin, shiny. This product Worship owes its outstanding efficiency to a composition of several oil with regenerating fish oil and essential oil of thyme purifying and soothing and also Zinc Gluconate normalizing-absorbent.

Ella Bache Honey-Almond Balm Scrub-Massage-Mask – A multi-tasking treatment balm Works as a scrub, mask or massage balm Formulated with almonds to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells Blended with honey for nourishing & repairing benefits Delivers a subtle, sweet scent of almond Leaves skin soft, smooth, radiant & revived.

Ella Bache Nutridermologie LAB Green Caps 60 caps This magic formula combats four factors in skincare –  Wrinkles and loss of firmness is tackled by marine collagen and elastin. Youthfulness nutrition: spirulina, vitamin B8, vitamin C. Cells protection against oxidative stress: vitamin C, selenium, zinc. Results: Reduction of deep wrinkles. Nourishes the skin’s youthfulness.

Ella Bache L’Huile Tomate Demaquillante – Tomato Cleansing Oil – The silky cleanser special for resistant makeup. A precious oil for the beauty and the radiance of the skin, rich in anti-oxydants and essential nutrients: lycopen, vitamine E, polyphenols, essential fatty acids.


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