Do you know why your skin is dehydrated?

Guinot-Double-Ionisation-Serum-Gel-Anti-Rides-Yeux-Anti-Wrinkle-Eye-Gel-abloomnova.net_-1600x1382 Do you know why your skin is dehydrated?
It’s not easy pinpointing exactly what causes dryness or dehydration since so many variables are at play. Refinery29 argues that some people with dry skin, especially more serious conditions like eczema and psoriasis, can blame genetics. But where you live and other seemingly innocent activities — say, if you crank up the thermostat at home or often go swimming in chlorinated pools — can explain topical dryness.
We all have a transepidermal water barrier, acting as a wall between our skin and the environment, that fights against water loss. But the barrier can break down without you noticing from over-scrubbing, over-washing, or being in a dry environment for long periods of time.
Experts suggest examining how you treat your skin. Skin can be a wonderfully resilient organ, but it’s also delicate and sensitive to external stressors. Anything from your skin-care regimen (like overusing anti-ageing products without hydration) to your hygiene (taking super-hot showers) and harsh environmental factors (such as wind and cold) could ravage skin, causing that telltale irritation and redness.
When it comes to dehydrated skin, however, your diet and lifestyle — as well as certain medications you might be taking — are likely culprits. Whether you’re consuming too many cocktails or chugging down coffee without getting enough H2O, your skin’s thirsty for more water.
Our skin cells are meant to be plump and protected by their lipid barrier — an external, semipermeable wall that defends our cells from external elements while properly regulating the flow of nutrients and hydration to the cell. When our diets lack essential fatty acids, an adequate supply of fresh water, or lean protein, our cells become less adept at regulating their hydration levels because of their impaired lipid barriers. Simply put, homeostasis — your body’s internal balancing mechanism — goes haywire when you don’t put the right things in.

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