Guinot Lait Hydra Bronze- Tanned look must have

I always desire to keep an even-tanned look without the limitation of getting enough sun, and in fact here in the UK weather never serves us sufficient amounts of sunlight. A bit depressing but fingers crossed we are all going somewhere exotic and sunny next summer!

While working hard for the summer, Lait Hydra Bronze could stop you from craving the tanning studio (Personally I think it’s not the best an approach to beauty!) and the sun. It does an amazing job especially on  giving you an even skin tone; I tried a very common drugstore brand and ended up a mess. I couldn’t get the lotion evenly on my skin, I understand that my hands won’t be the best tool to distribute it evenly, but still, I was very disappointed with the result, it looked like paint spilled on my legs! I wish I could show you a picture of it!

So I tried this Guinot – Lait Hydra Bronze and its brilliant and does its job, easy to evenly distribute and gives a golden natural look. And I make sure I exfoliate my skin beforehand, I know it’s a time consuming work, but it’s worth it!



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