What kind of ingredients are in anti-cellulite treatment?

anti-cellulite-treatment-ABLOOMNOVA.NET_-1600x858 What kind of ingredients are in anti-cellulite treatment?

The banishing away of stores of fat is not an overnight success story. It requires time, patience and changes to your diet. But when you apply an anti-cellulite treatment to your body as part of a life-changing regime, you will be able to see incredible results over time.

So, what kind of ingredients are in anti-cellulite treatment? It’s important to read what’s on the side of the tub, pot or tube before you pin all your hopes on one particular product. The best anti-cellulite treatments should contain at least one of the following (our particular fave anti cellulite treatment from Guinot contains green tea which drains and smoothes).


Caffeine effectively reduces body fat by directly attacking the fat cells through a so-called decomposition lipolytic action. It increases metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and boosts healthy skin tissue.


This is an essential nutrient that is synthesized in the liver and kidneys, which increases the concentration of fatty acids in mitochondria, making them available to transform food into energy. L-carnitine also has anti-aging, reducing blood fat and improving cardiac function properties.


This compound is known to effectively burn cellulite by breaking down the fat cells. This compound activates enzymes that help to release stored fats in certain body parts.


Yohimbine is a chemical found in the bark of Yohimbe evergreen tree in Africa. This chemical is known to cure erectile dysfunction, work on weight loss and other health problems. As an ingredient in slimming creams, it is known to increase the breakdown of fat cells. The goal is to simply allow greater blood flow to the “stubborn fat areas” which generally have lower blood flow making the discharging of fats not easy.


It is known to activate proteins that are naturally programmed to burn fat.


It targets adipocytes or fat cells by reducing excess adipose tissue. It disables the proliferation of pre-adipocytes thus preventing them from become mature fat cells that are responsible for fat storage.

Coenzyme A

It is used to collect the free fatty acids together during lipolysis in order to transport them efficiently into the cells of our bodies and use them as a source of energy.

Coenzyme Q10

It is known to promote the production of collagen and elastin of the skin and helps to repair damaged skin cells. It helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and protects the skin from aging. Coenzyme Q10 is a small molecule, so it can easily penetrate the skin cells.


Cocoa is the source of theobromine and vitamins that improve blood circulation and accelerate the burning of fat deposits and improve overall skin health. It prevents dryness and loss of water, strengthens, conditions and regenerates skin tissue.

Green tea

It allows skin drainage, smoothing and rejuvenation of skin tissue.

Algae extracts

They help nourish, moisturize, rejuvenate, detoxify, purify and oxygenate the skin because they contain fat, protein, minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Red algae

They protect the connective tissue and reduce capillary fragility.

Ginkgo biloba

It blocks the activity of alpha-receptors and prevents fat accumulation in adipose tissue. It also promotes better release of fat.

Ivy extract

It supports the production of collagen and elastin.


It helps the body to build connective tissues that make skin firm.

Fenugreek seeds

They contain substances which act on the metabolism of fats by the dissolution of triglycerides.

The bladderwrack (brown algae)

It contains inorganic iodine salts that have the ability to absorb fat.

Witch hazel

It is rich in a specific type of tannin, hamamelitannin, astringent and vasoconstrictor agent that promotes blood circulation.

Wheat germ oil

It is very rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that improves the overall appearance of the skin, improves peripheral circulation and strengthens connective tissues


It stimulates the heat center in the brain and the nerves facilitating good blood circulation.

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