Looking after tired eyes this winter

Carita-Diamant-de-Beaute-Beauty-Diamond-Anti-Ageing-Eye-Contour-Concentrate-Night-abloomnova.net_-1600x1317 Looking after tired eyes this winter

If you’re feeling under the weather, overworked or just feeling stressed – your eyes will be the first things that will give the game away. Start looking after yourselves and treating your eyes to the following treatments, courtesy of xojane:

1. Get a spoon

Yeah, this is kind of a weird tip, but I find that when I stick with it, it works. Take a large spoon and stick it in the freezer. Every morning, press the convex side underneath your eyes on your puffiest parts and hold for a few seconds. The cold soothes puffiness and the pressing motion sort of massages your eyes.

I guess puffiness is a form of fluid retention, and apparently, if you also massage from the outsides of your eyes inward, it helps push some of that fluid out. But the cold spoon! The cold spoon works, OK. Do it while you wait for your coffee to brew, or whatever.

2. Conceal — the right way

Some people think that putting the lightest concealer on their skin tone is the best way to conceal dark circles. Oh, this is such a silly way of thinking. A pale whitish ring around your eyes looks just as bad as a dark, bruised one.

Find a concealer that matches the rest of your face and blend under your eyes until everything looks nice and uniform.

3. Eyedrops

Eyedrops can be a wonder for a few reasons. Sometimes redness and dark circles are caused by allergies and a few eyedrops can make your eyes look all glossy and dewy and fresh and revived, like you’ve actually slept a little bit.

4. Find your dream eye cream

Carita Diamant de Beaute Beauty Diamond Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Concentrate Night is a rich and generous concentrate that helps fade away puffiness, relieves skin stress and improves cell repair around the eye area.

In the morning apply anti-ageing eye contour elixir Day and in the evening apply anti-ageing eye contour concentrate Night, to a cleansed eye contour. For best results use the spatula and specific massage technique created by the Carita Artisans of Beauty.

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