Why dry oil is the best thing for a moisture hit

thalgo-online-at-abloombova.net_ Why dry oil is the best thing for a moisture hit

Every brand has a flagship product. Elizabeth Arden has their 8 Hour Cream, Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics have their Touche Eclat, MAC have their Studio Fix… It’s the one product that have made their name famous. With one of our favourite brands it’s their incredible body oil.

Carita Fluide de Beaute 14 – Ultra-Nourishing Dry Oil is the flagship product at Carita, ‘fluide de beauté 14’ is the essential care for dry and very dry skin and hair. Its fragrance brings a delightful sensation of invigorating well-being.

It smells amazing, and it has an incredible effect on the skin. It nourishes dry skin and leaves it feeling supple and satin-mooth with hazelnut and corn oils. Strengthens skin protection against dryness and dehydration. The body is wrapped in a light, satiny veil, the skin is incredibly soft and supple.

A dry body oil is often used in place of body lotions and creams due to the extreme skin softening effects it can provide, as well as powerful ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants it delivers. According to Newbeauty, even though body lotions, creams and oils are all very similar and are meant to moisturise, nourish, soothe and soften skin, the main difference is the oil-to-liquid ratio in the product. Oils are just as they sound—straight up oil with no water or liquid additives. Lotions are a blend of oil and liquid and are thinner in terms of texture.

If you need a rich hit of moisture – a dry oil is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Apply the dry oil after you get out of the shower when your skin is still damp. Start from the inside of my calf and travel through the inside of my legs following the lymphatic channel to the abdomen and up to inside of my arms. Then, finish around the décolleté. This helps limit overusing the product.

How to use:

Face: mix a few drops with masque biologique.

Hair: mix a few drops with one of the masks from the hair line.

Body: apply to all over the body after a bath or shower.

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