Thalgo-Cleansing-Gel-Gel-Nettoyant-abloomnova.net_-720x800 What's the best men's skincare product?
Men’s Skincare, Thalgo

What’s the best men’s skincare product?

Men’s skin needs looking after just as much as women’s. The rugged look doesn’t mean you should neglect basic skin care routine. And according to Ask Men, you’ve ever found yourself asking, “How can I get silky smooth skin?” then listen up: skin care, while steeped in history, does, in fact, require a scientific approach. […]

Thalgo-Men-Anti-Fatigue-Serum-for-Eyes-Serum-Defatigant-Yeux-abloomnova.net_-800x534 Men's skincare is a multi million pound industry
Men’s Skincare, Thalgo

Men’s skincare is a multi million pound industry

It’s official. Men no longer care about keeping their skincare regimes private. In fact, they are embracing the whole concept rather well. Men’s grooming is now a multi million pound industry in the UK. Every label has a men’s line – from Clinique to Nivea, Tom Ford to Kiehl’s. According to the Independent,, the […]

Guinot-Tres-Homme-Baume-Apres-Rasage-After-Shave-Balm-abloomnova.net_-800x561 What is aftershave balm and do I need it?
Guinot, Men’s Skincare

What is aftershave balm and do I need it?

You’ve got the razer, the foam and the aftershave – what’s the next step? Aftershave balm is what your skin wants and needs after the ravages of the razorblade. According to Cornerstone, our skin naturally produces oils and moisture, and any imbalance in the level of natural oils spells trouble. When there’s not enough natural […]

Mens-body-care-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Men’s body care
Dr Spiller, Men’s Skincare

Men’s body care

Men’s body care products are far widely accepted nowadays than ever before. Serums, moisturisers, cleansers and even toners are all now regarded as standard fare in men’s bathrooms. Because men generally have thicker skin, they have traditionally eschewed general skin care regimen. However, it is still skin, producing sebum, collecting dirt and slowly ageing, and […]

Guinot, Men’s Skincare

Guinot Longue Vie Homme – Revitalizing Face Care – review

  This product rejuvenates the skin and restore its radiance in 4 ways: Anti-aging action – the 56 biological cellular activities in Longue Vie Homme revitalize the epidermal cells and combat free radicals that cause premature aging of men’s skin. Anti-inflammatory action – Calendula extract soothes skin aggressed by daily shaving trough its softening action […]